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ADJ M-4040 Mirror Ball

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ADJ is proud to offer the M4040 40-inch glass mirror ball. This huge mirror ball will offer a massive spread of light reflections over every inch of wall, ceiling, and floor. Perfect for those large events where you want everything to be covered by the classic mirror ball reflections.

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  •  40-inch (1 Meter) glass mirror ball
  •  Includes two safety hooks on top of the mirror ball
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 40”x40”x40.25” / 1016x1016x1020mm
  •  Weight: 82 lbs. / 37.10 kg.
  •  Recommended heavy duty pro mirror ball motor: ADJ HDMB40K


    The M4040 is a massive 40-inch mirror ball that is designed for professional use in large dance clubs, electronic dance festivals, new years eve parties, school/corporate events, and any event where a large impact is needed. This monster of a mirror ball will shine light reflections on everything in the room.

    Included with the ADJ M4040 are two safety hooks that can be used to ensure that it is properly and safely hung. Coming in at a weight of 82 pounds, we recommend that you purchase the heavy duty pro mirror ball motor ADJ HDMB40K. Doing so will ensure that it is properly supported.

    With 100s of reflective mini panels and 40 inch size, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected onto every square inch of the dance floor of any size. Shine different colored lights towards the M4040 40″ glass mirror ball to produce a spectacular mix of color all over the room. Using the ADJ M4040 40″ glass mirror ball during your next event will surely draw people into the middle of the dance floor.


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Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40.25 in


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