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TV Spider

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TV Spider

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The Home Cable Broadcast System, From Just One Video Source.
Technical Details:

Save money and hookup hassles–watch cable, satellite TV, and more on every set in your house with no additional set-top boxes or receivers
Quick and easy installation when configuring the system with your existing televisions and coaxial RF distribution network
Shows content from any device of your choosing–AV receiver, DVD player, PVR, or laptop–on channel 125 of your existing cable service
Watch downloaded video content from your computer, keep tabs on your security camera or baby monitor
1 central hub serves as many TVs as you connect to your distribution network

Product Description:
If you’re seeking the convenience of viewing premium digital or analog cable programming on multiple TVs but haven’t wanted to invest in multiple set-top boxes or satellite receivers, TV Spider’s Video Source Extender may be the affordable answer you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, the TV Spider kit will let you view signals from just about any single home-entertainment device–be it an audio/video receiver, DVD player, VCR, laptop computer, or baby monitor–on all the TVs in your house simultaneously, without requiring additional TV inputs. It’s even designed so you can hook it up yourself rather than having to call in a professional installer.

How does it do it? TV Spider performs some fancy remodulating and signal routing, merging the output from any AV component (stereo analog audio, composite-video) with the analog cable signal from either your standard cable service or your digital set-top box. The AV output from your chosen component will appear in place of cable channel 125 on any connected television (and it blocks channel 124 altogether).

So: before installing, make sure channels 124 and 125 in your area are not channels you care deeply about! Also, be aware that TV Spider ultimately generates a single integrated RF signal, and the job of splitting and routing that signal to multiple TVs is yours. But while a coaxial RF distribution system is not part of the TV Spider system, there’s no theoretical limit to the number of sets you can serve.

What exactly, then, do you need? Beyond the RF distribution system just mentioned (essentially an RF splitter and enough coaxial RF cable to get from the splitter to your various TVs), you’ll need just two or more connected TVs and the ability for each connected TV to select channel 125 (this rules out older, non-“cable ready” sets). If you only have one TV, you don’t need this system.

Will TV Spider really accommodate only one AV component? That’s right–but if said component is an AV receiver, you can use the receiver’s switching ability to route any number of devices right into the TV Spider, greatly expanding your viewing options. Also, the system features two-way data streaming, letting you hook it up with your broadband cable modem and/or use it with Pay-Per-View features, just as you would with your standard cable hook-up. Beyond losing two channels, the system is completely transparent.

It’s also compatible with both DirecTV and Dish Networks systems, plasma flat screen TVs, LCD flat-screen TVs, LCD video projectors, and DLP video projectors (though keep in mind that TV Spider works on at 480i interlaced resolution only). Installation should take less than 10 minutes, provided your TVs are already hooked up to your RF coaxial distribution system.

What’s in the Box
A TV Spider video hub (TVS-HUB-125-VAO), a cable-entry signal director (TVS-CESD-125-CER), a 12-volt power pack (TVS-PS-12-200), a video/audio ribbon cable (TVS-RCA-3), two coaxial RF video cables (TVS-COAX-3, TVS-COAX-6), and a user’s manual.

Note: If your cable provider uses channels 124 and 125, TV Spider will block channel 124 and replace channel 125. If you need to view these cable channels, TV Spider is not for you.

Product Description:
The TV Spider enables you to view a Movie on all of your TV’s on Channel 125, on the existing wiring, using only one video source. You can use the TV Spider with Cable or Satellite Boxes, DVD or Video Players, Cameras or anything with an RCA output, “Red, Yellow, White” Jacks. Whatever you are watching from that Video Source will be shown on Channel 125 on all your TV’s, You need to change the channel, at the TV which has the Video Source you are Viewing.

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