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Yorkville 100K P.A. Amp System -Rentals- (Per Day)

$35.00 $30.00 / night

Yorkville 100K Keyboard Combo Amp P.A.

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P.A. Audio Rentals (P.A. Systems)


Yorkville 100K Keyboard Combo Amp P.A.

The 100K combo amplifier delivers 100 Watts of clean power into a specially optimized 12″ speaker/horn combination.
The cabinet sounds much bigger than its appearance due to careful engineering and optimally matched components.
Superior imaging has been achieved by transparently combining the custom design woofer with the 1″ tweeter, which is mounted on a proprietary ABS horn.
The 100K has active bass and treble controls located in the master section, as well as individual level controls on each of it’s three channel, allowing effective equalization.
The three input channels can be used simultaneously, thus taking advantage of a wide variety of input types including 1/4″, XLR and RCA connectors.
Reliability is assured by the use of limiter protection circuitry in the amplifiers.


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